AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission (OVA)

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AIKa R-16 Virgin Mission Sub IndoAlias: AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission Sub Indo / アイカ・ルー16: バージン・ミション AIka R-16
Directed: Katsuhiko Nishijima
Studio: Studio Fantasia
Released: April 25, 2007
Episodes: 3
Genres: adventure
Themes: ecchi, fanservice, treasure hunting
Opening Theme: “Sailing To The Future” by Ami Koshimizu
Ending Theme: “Rise” by Ami Koshimizu
Official website: AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission (Japanese)

Agent AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission Subtitle Indonesia [Lengkap]

Aika Sumeragi, a sixteen year old high school student, offers her services as a C-class Salvager by spreading posters at school after getting her C-class Salvager license. She is immediately hired by Eri Shinkai, Aika’s wealthy class president and founder of the Treasure Hunting Club. After being introduced to Karen Minamino, a mysterious girl with unknown background and a butterfly insignia on her left breast, the club starts an oceanographic expedition on Eri’s private cruiser to uncover the riddles encoded in Karen’s insignia.

AIKa Series:

  1. AIKa OVA Subtitle Indonesia
  2. AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission OVA Subtitle Indonesia
  3. AIKa Zero OVA Subtitle Indonesia
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