Unbalance (OVA)

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Unbalance Sub Indo
Alias: Sibling Secret – She`s the Twisted Sister / アンバランス
Sutradara: Minamizawa Juuhachi
Original Work: Cherry Soft
Studio: Discovery, AT-2 Project
Rilis: 28.06.2002 till 27.12.2002
Episode: 3 (jumlah episode)
Durasi: 25 menit/eps
Genre: Ero, Incest,

Plot Unbalance OVA
Mika feels being loveless, until she discovers that this is caused by having a great affection for her brother, affection that turns into an insane love. Her desires turn out into this psichodelic life and she ask her brother to love her, and if he does so, she will agree to make anything for more pervet it could be for him. In the second OAV the story goes around Suzuhara that works as a waitress and her supervisor that gives her work discipline, but she doesn’t get better at work so he decides to give her a new work as his personal slave.

Anime Keren Daftar

*Sub English
Episode 01: Userscloud | Nodefiles | GoogleDrive
Episode 02: Userscloud | Nodefiles | GoogleDrive
Episode 03: Userscloud | Nodefiles | GoogleDrive

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