Triangle Love -Apricot Fizz- (Visual Novel)

Novel (Novel, Light Novel dan Visual Novel) - 28 Agustus 2016, By dotnex , 💕 173 Views

Triangle Love -Apricot Fizz- (Visual Novel) English Download Patch FreeTitle: Triangle Love -Apricot Fizz-
Original title: Triangle Love -アプリコットフィズ-
Aliases: Triangle AF
Developer: Campus
Publishers: Campus
Language: Japan

Mitsuru gets along quite well with Karin since they both enjoy going to the game center, bowling, playing darts and doing karaoke, among other things. Since Karin has a best friend in Ayame, it was inevitable that she would join them when they hung out. Even though it was one guy with two girls, they got along quite well and they spent most of their time together.

Soon, Mitsuru began to have feelings for the outspoken Karin, who looks like she’s always playing around but actually has strong conviction, and the shy yet kind and considerate Ayame. Since they shared so many hobbies, Karin and Mitsuru gradually became attracted to each other and started going out. While Ayame had feelings for him as well, she was content to stay one step back and watch them while they continued to hang out as a group.

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