Eden*PLUS+MOSAIC (Visual Novel)

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[Eroge] Eden*PLUS+MOSAIC english eroge game download, download eroge english game for pc, for android, psp, walkthroughAKA: Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet / 『 eden* 』
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Links: Wikipedia, Encubed
Developer: minori
Publishers: minori, Galstars, MangaGamer & No Name Losers
Available: English PLUS-MOSAIC Version, English All-Ages Version

Plot Eden*PLUS+MOSAIC English Game PC Download

The story takes place in the far future. A huge mass of energy called “Planet of Destruction” suddenly appears near Mars.The planet affects the Earth and causes unusual weather and diastrophism. Triggered by them, numerous wars and terrorist attacks occur and the world critically gets damaged. But it’s not actually a sign of destruction yet. Only one hundred years left. The human beings plan to get out of the Earth to avoid extinction. There are two plans.

One of them is to form the World Integrated Government. The second one is called “Felix Plan”. Humans now need to invent a new technology to live in the outer space, but they have only one hundred years. Therefore, they first invent a new kind of creature called Felix by manipulating genes. Ninty-nine years later…. There is a Felix girl who works as a main member of the Escape from Earth Plan. She, who devotes her whole life to this plan, now completes her all works and decides to stay on the Earth for the rest of her life. One day, a boy is sent to her place. His mission is to protect the girl.

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