Kana-Okaeri (Visual Novel)

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[Eroge] Kana-Okaeri English DownloadDeveloper: JP D.O. (PC), JP Cyberfront (PSP)
Publisher: NA G-Collections, NA JAST USA
Director: Takahiro Yatabe
Producer: Ryūichirō Fujisawa
Designer: Takahiro Yatabe, Tomoyuki Iguchi
Programmer: Takahide Kojima
Writer: Hajime Yamada
Composer: Hechima, Hideki Takahashi (composer)
Platform: Microsoft Windows PlayStation Portable
Release date: JP November 19, 2004, February 24, 2015
Genre: Eroge, visual novel

Plot Kana-Okaeri English Game PC Download

A total remake of the classic “H” game, Kana Imouto (Kana Little Sister), this game features an updated game engine, new larger game art by Ayakaze Ryosho, and full voice!

In Kana Imouto ~ Okaeri, you have a sister who’s two years younger than you named Kana, who has been ill all her life, spending more time in the hospital than at home. In the past, you felt jealous of the special attention Kana received in your family, though in recent years you’ve come to treasure your younger sister instead, wanting to do anything to help her. Though life is never simple — your long and complex relationship with Yumi can attest to that — in the end all you want to do is find a way to save your dear little sister. The reason is…you love her.

[Eroge] Kana-Okaeri English Download [Eroge] Kana-Okaeri English Download
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