Idols Galore! (Visual Novel)

Novel (Novel, Light Novel dan Visual Novel) - 22 Agustus 2015, By dotnex , 💕 21 Views

[Eroge] Idols Galore! English DownloadAKA: Meshimase Idol / 召しませアイドル
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer: Sekilala
Publishers: Sekilala & Contents Traffic, G-Collections, Triada
Prequel: Motto Muriyari!
Genre: Eroge, visual novel

Plot Idols Galore! English Game PC Download

Life is pretty good when you get assigned to manage the careers of two superstar idols! You are put in place to countermand the rebellious tendencies of these stars’ previous manager, and you have all the power!

Beautiful women surround you now, all at your beck and call! Do you feel like seducing your lovely assistant, or maybe the sexy ex-idol co-manager is more your style? And of course, don’t forget your two superstars. Their careers are in your hands, and surely they are grateful for that! Now what could these gorgeous girls possibly do to repay you? Look more: Eroge Game Download English Japanese Version

[Eroge] Idols Galore! English Download [Eroge] Idols Galore! English Download
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