Koisuru Oukoku: Kingdom (Visual Novel)

Novel (Novel, Light Novel dan Visual Novel) - 26 April 2016, By dotnex , 💕 23 Views

kingdomTitle: Koisuru Oukoku
Original title: 恋する王国
Aliases: Beloved Kingdom, Fall-In-Love Kingdom, Kingdom of Love
Length: Very long (> 50 hours)
Links: Vndb
Developer: Giga
Publishers: Giga, BTAxis
Language: English

Plot Kingdom / Koisuru Oukoku / 恋する王国 [English Patched]

In a mythical age, a young man seeks to become an adult. He leaves his farm home to face the frontiers of the kingdom. He comes to a town where one can seek any apprenticeship freely. This is so one can find his own purpose in life, and perhaps his own lover as well. Jobs include: border guard, educator, various magical schools, fisher, and more. With each job there appears to be a respective woman in the same profession to charm. Will the hero be able to find and woo the girl of his choice in time for the town’s festival?

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